What I Packed for the High Sierra Trail

Planning what to pack for a long multi-day backpacking trip can be quite daunting. Packing everything you need for 7-8 days on the trail sounds incredulous, but here is my complete pack list of what I packed for the High Sierra Trail.

This pack list differs quite a bit from what I’d bring on my typical shorter weekend backpacking trip. I wrote a blog post on every item I bring on those shorter 1-3 night trips, and going on longer trips like these makes me appreciate all of my ‘luxury’ items so much more.

My pack style

Let me preface by saying: I'm not an ultralight backpacker by any means. I'm probably considered the opposite... I don't mind carrying a few extra pounds if it means making the several days out in the backcountry seem more like home!

As always, packing for your own backpacking trip is a personal preference that you learn to hone with experience. The beauty of backpacking is it forces you to think about each item you pack and ask you to question the importance of each item.

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My backpack

I use my trusty Osprey Aura 65L pack (I’m 5’4” and wear a size XS for reference). I love the suspension and it is really comfortable.

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This was for a 8 day backpacking trip into the Sierra in mid-September, so this was me packing for colder weather late in the season.

Items marked with * were freshly treated with Permethrin right before the trip. Mosquitoes are an easy way to ruin sunrises and sunsets, so I try to take all precautions to reduce their nuisance. I'll douse all of these clothes with one 24 ounce bottle.








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  • Lighter

  • Downloaded offline Google Maps

  • Ibuprofen

  • First aid kit + moleskin

  • Extra batteries - rechargeable ones

  • Mini roll of duct tape



Sometimes I feel like a pack mule for camera gear.



These are all personal preference, but I love the mini sizes they sell at Target or drugstores! Wet wipes are a must for backpacking.. I'll lay them out to dry  after using to help me feel like my pack is getting lighter.


It always amazes me how much of my life I can fit into a single backpack, and how little I need to survive for a week in the wilderness!