Hiking to the Birthing Cave — Sedona, AZ

A short and easy walk to a peaceful and magical spot with a beautiful Sedona valley view that will leave you feeling invigorated and reenergized. Sedona truly has some of the most unique red rock formations I’ve experienced!

This is a great addition to any Sedona trip and pairs nicely with the nearby Soldier’s Pass Trail or the Sedona Airport Lookout.

If you do decide to go, please always practice Leave No Trace by minimizing off trail activity, picking up after yourself, and treating this special are with respect.

Special thanks to Nicole Anne Spahn’s post in helping me find the cave!


Hike Info

Date Hiked: Dec 29
Miles: 2 roundtrip
Elevation Change: 403 ft.
Trail Type: Out and back
Trailhead: Google Maps
Cost: Free


The Hike

Since it was a Saturday morning, we got to the Long Canyon Trailhead pretty early and were able to easily find a spot to park in the dirt off the side of the road. We started up the wide trail following the signs for Long Canyon.

We shared the wide trail with several mountain bikers and hiked for about 0.6 miles on the trail until we reached the turn off Long Canyon at this point.

The small use trail is faint and heads towards a tall red rock cliff. We tried to spot the cave from afar, but we had to get much closer before being able to spot the cavern formed by an indent in the cliff wall.

We turned off the small trail towards the right and headed up towards the cliffs at this point. The trail had been mostly flat this entire way, but it was a short but slightly steep scramble up into the cave.


Once you’ve made it inside, turn around and soak in a classic Sedona vista - a green valley with red towers jutting up in the distance! Feel free to wander around the large cave. Wearing grippy shoes and staying low on all fours can help give you some traction on the smoother areas.


There was even a mini cave at the very back that oddly reminded me of a belly button! How does something like this form?!


I loved how it felt like I was looking through some sort of portal or window when I sat in the cave. After having some fun climbing around the cave enjoying the different views it was also nice to sit and listen to the quietness of the scene.

The hike back to the car was short and a leisurely stroll. I can see why many come to Sedona searching for spiritual refreshment when views like these can be found just a short hike away.


Favorite gear for this adventure: