Kelingking Secret Point — Nusa Penida Island, Bali, Indonesia

Arguably the most photogenic spot we visited on our entire Bali trip, Kelingking Beach is one of those viewpoints that is hard to believe that it's real when you see it for the first time. This entire coastal area is particularly beautiful - the white cliffs contrast dramatically with the turquoise blue waters.


Travel Info

Date: 9/3/16

Location: Google Maps


The Hike

This is more of a viewpoint than a hike, but it's certainly worth making a detour to see! Bring small change cash to pay the entrance fee at the top, and there is a small hut with locals who can sell you snacks, water, or fresh coconuts as refreshments.

You'll park in a dirt lot with views of the ocean, and you can follow a dirt path downhill to the right of the stand. There are no signs, and some of the visitors resting at the stand didn't even realize there was a more magnificent lookout just down the path. After about 100 feet, you will suddenly emerge at the edge of a cliff that narrows into very thin peninsula jutting out into the ocean.

Looking out over the peninsula (Karang Dawa)

Looking out over the peninsula (Karang Dawa)

The sand down at Kelingking beach looked so soft and perfect

The sand down at Kelingking beach looked so soft and perfect

Kelingking Cliff on Nusa Penida

Back at the stand are, you can walk along the grass, getting views of the other side of the cliffs over the ocean.

Kelingking Cliff Ocean View on Nusa Penida
The perfect tree seat for enjoying the views!

The perfect tree seat for enjoying the views!

This is a popular spot for tourists, since it isn't too far from Angel's Billabong and Broken Beach. If you rent your own scooter, be sure to drive carefully as the roads are not the best! We met a group of travelers who had rented scooters, and one of them had wiped out on the dirt road and had hurt his leg pretty badly. Luckily, the locals are so nice here and helped patch him up at the stand at the top of the hill. 

For how incredible the views were, we were surprised we didn't run into too many people at Kelingking. This is one of the reasons we loved Nusa Penida so much - it's still relatively unknown and definitely much less visited. It still feels like you are exploring a remote and undeveloped island, which I much prefer over the crowded main island.


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